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I have been a freelance journalist for the last ten years.  Here is a brief selection of my online articles with links to the websites

I still deeply regret not donating my husband's organs as he had wished


“Out of the blue one morning, my husband, Pip, announced: ‘I want to leave my body to medical science.’ Well, it would make interesting fodder for the medics, I thought. He was 59 at the time and had, by anyone’s account, ‘lived a good life’…”

Rescued - we visit a charity that  saves veterans, at-risk teens and animals


Working in the armed forces can take a lot of bravery – everyone knows that. But most people don’t know how much bravery it takes to leave the armed forces and live as a civilian…

Herodsfoot: an inland walk in the secret south-east 


“One January weekend, Mr B, MollieDog and I headed out to explore Herodsfoot, in South East Cornwall. When planning this walk, CT editor Kirstie and I imagined that the torrential rain of the past few months would have ceased, and the ground dried out. How wrong we were…”

Trelowarren no fly holiday


“…I could see exactly why Daphne du Maurier found it such a refuge, for once you enter this estate, you leave the troubles of the world behind

Slowing down with my four legged friend 


“…We should all take a tip from dogs and make the most of every moment. And just to prove that an old dog can learn new tricks, her latest feat is to sneak into the kitchen, jump onto the kitchen table, leap onto the dresser, walk along a narrow ridge and eat the cat’s food. Not bad for an 84 year old…

Hoburne Doublebois holiday park Cornwall


“…We were greeted by the sight of a pristine nine-hole golf course, the greens undulating in front of the lodges while, further round the drive, the elegant Doublebois house reigned supreme

A walk on the North Coast featuring a lighthouse, a famous golf course and some of the best beaches in Cornwall


“…The cliffs were covered in bouncy turf, with an almost spicy smell that took me back to my childhood. It made for easy walking, and the ground was littered with rabbit holes that Moll enjoyed sniffing at. Below us was Trevose Head lighthouse and its beautifully painted white and green buildings, standing proud against a clear blue sky.”





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